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A Biotechnology Company Offering CRO Services

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Created a Strong Network Foundation of Partners and Expert Collaborators

One Health… One Drug… One Disease Model

The formation of CYGNOS BioTech, LLC is the outgrowth of Nuovo Biologics, LLC representing several years of research and development of a new nonspecific antiviral, as well as oncology, technologies. Founded in 2023 from the foundation of Nuovo Biologics, CYGNOS BioTech is developing biologic therapeutics and provides CRO services.

CYGNOS BioTech team has adopted the ‘One Health’ paradigm, which contends that human health is intimately connected to the health of animals influenced by our shared environments.  Zoonosis is an infectious disease that has been transmitted between species from animals to humans, or conversely, humans to animals. Given that most new and emerging viral threats are zoonotic. Furthermore, we are pursuing a ‘One Disease…One Drug’ model to develop antiviral therapeutics for animals that are directly translatable to human therapeutics.  Learn More about One Health

Antiviral Drug Development

Our first investigational drug product PVX is a novel peptide derived from natural sources. It is being evaluated for the treatment of viral infections in non-food animals (dogs, cats, horses, and birds). In vitro experimentation and data from pilot animal studies suggest that PVX demonstrates antiviral activity across a broad spectrum of virus families.

Oncology Drug Development

MMX is our second investigational new drug. This formulation is being developed for the treatment of oral canine malignant melanoma stages II & III. In vitro studies have demonstrated inhibition of cell proliferation in melanoma cells treated with MMX. Canines diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma exhibited significant tumor reduction.