CRO Services

CYGNOS’ business model also provides Contract Research Organization services focusing on biologics research and development, regulatory services, pre-clinical studies, and veterinary clinical studies for both companion and production animals.

Biologics Research & Development Services Outline

  • Biologics Research & Development Services Outline
  • Biologics Development – Protein/ peptide purification, cloning and expression, cGLP/ cGMP protein development, and antigen purification for vaccine/ antibody development
  • Antibody and Diagnostics Development – Polyclonal and Nano antibody development, PCR primer development & other customized diagnostic development
  • Reference Diagnostic Assays – reference microbiological, i.e., bacteriology, virology and parasitology, immunology assays

Animal Study Services Outline

  • Pre-Clinical Services – Project planning and management, regulatory consultation (INAD, IND, MUMS designations), in-vitro assays, and pilot animal studies.
  • Veterinary Clinical Study Services – Pilot & pivotal study protocol development, study implementation, management and reporting, efficacy evaluations, dose determination, target animal safety studies, bioequivalence, statistical analysis and reporting.
  • Phase I & II Clinical Study Services – Uptake and safety studies protocol development & management, IRB service, Phase II study protocol development & management, patient recruitment support.

If you have an interest in seeking further information or in participating in these clinical studies or trials, please contact us.