About Us

The formation of CYGNOS Biotech represents several years of research and development exploring new broad spectrum antiviral, as well as oncology, technologies. Founded in 2010 and based in Florida, the Company is commercializing an innovative set of protein drugs. Our first drug formulation is “PVX”, which appears to treat a broad spectrum of viral infections, including those caused by herpes, influenza, and particular retroviruses; another, “MMX”, for specific malignant tumors. Both drugs are expected to be effective across animal species, and possibly, in humans.

Our Philosophy/Mission

CYGNOS Biotech is dedicated to the research and development of the most innovative, safe and efficacious drugs and biologicals to best support, and maximize the health and wellness of human and animals. The Company bases its mission and philosophy on the precepts of One Health. We are dedicated to providing information sharing, training and education for clinical research and new product development promoting health, wellness and advocacy among all industry stakeholders.

Our Team

CYGNOS Biotech has assembled a core team disciplined in protein chemistry, molecular biology, virology, clinical study management, pharmaceutical manufacturing, business management, and development. It has also brought together a well established and well respected group of academic investigators who are collaborating with CYGNOS’s staff.

A strategic partnership has been created with KanPro Research for the further development and manufacturing of CYGNOS’s protein drug platform.  Dr. Philip Gao, President of KanPro Research, is highly skilled and experienced in the development of biologics, as well as recombinant expression of proteins. KanPro Research is well situated in the ‘Kansas Animal Health Corridor’.  See the Joint Venture tab above.