About Us

Founded in 2023 from the foundation of Nuovo Biologics, CYGNOS BioTech is developing biologic therapeutics and provides CRO services based in South Florida.

Our Mission

CYGNOS Biotech is dedicated to the research and development of the most innovative, safe and efficacious drugs and biologicals to best support, and maximize the health and wellness of animals and humans.

The Company bases its mission on the precepts of One Health. We are dedicated to providing information sharing, training and education for clinical research and new product development promoting health, wellness and advocacy among all industry stakeholders.

Business Model & Strategy

CYGNOS embraces the ‘One Health’ initiative for product development asserting that human health outcomes are intimately connected to the health of animals and influenced by the environment. Most new and emerging viral diseases (~75%) are zoonotic, i.e., naturally transmissible from animals to humans.

Disease pathogenesis and mechanisms of disease progression are often similar or translational for infectious and inflammatory diseases for animals and humans which is the premise for the development of a ‘One Disease…. One Drug model’. This model is a highly cost-effective research, development, and commercial initiative.

Accordingly, CYGNOS business model focuses initially on animal health to specifically design a research and development model that is translational from the veterinary sector to leverage the human infectious disease markets. Once a veterinary FDA claim has been achieved, the same data can be used to complete an FDA Investigational New Drug (IND) application for humans, which would have substantial value for possible licensing, merger, or acquisition opportunities.

Biologic Therapeutics

The Company is commercializing an innovative set of biologic drugs of which the first drug formulation is “PVX”. CYGNOS is developing a propriety antiviral therapeutic peptide technology to commercialize for the veterinary and human markets. Our preliminary data demonstrates that the therapeutic active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), which is named PVX, exhibits significant antiviral activity in vitro as well as efficacy in pilot studies with companion animals.

Eleven patents have been issued for composition, process and use for this novel peptide technology.  An Investigational New Animal Drug (INAD #011‐949) number has been granted by the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) for a non-specific antiviral drug to treat all companion animals.

Studies have shown, both in vitro and in vivo, that PVX appears to treat a broad spectrum of viral infections, including those caused by herpes, influenza, and particular retroviruses, etc.

Another “MMX”, for specific malignant tumors. Both drugs are expected to be effective across animal species, and possibly, in humans. CYGNOS is currently focused on completing an animal antiviral and a canine malignant melanoma FDA_CVM claim for product commercialization.

CRO Services

CYGNOS BioTech business model also provides CRO services focusing on biologics research and development, regulatory services, pre-clinical studies, and veterinary clinical studies for both companion and production animals.